Auslogics File Recovery

Auslogics File Recovery 9.5

Retrieve all your lost data and multimedia files regardless of the cause

Data loss, regardless of its cause, is always a stressful situation. Be it a set of photos from your camera, sensitive data from a folder at work, or your latest manuscript, Auslogics File Recovery offers you a simple solution to retrieve recently deleted or formatted data. It works on standard hard drives and SSD, Flash memories, memory sticks, and other USB devices, and it can even recover data from deleted partitions and certain formatted disks.

Auslogics File Recovery displays an attractive and soothing interface – precisely what you need when you’ve just lost your most precious files. The interface places you directly where you want to be – the main screen where you can choose the drive(s) you wish the program to explore for you in search of your lost files and folders. Here you can also filter the search if you wish to narrow the search to a certain type(s) of file(s) – pictures, music, video, documents, and software executables. The scan process will provide you with a list of deleted and yet recoverable files in no time.

You can browse the list and remove the files you’re not interested in, and even check their contents by using the preview panel, though in most cases this operation yields no results. The recovery process itself could not be simpler – just select a folder (usually in a drive different from the one they were when deleted) and let the program do its magic. Not all files can be recovered, and not all recovered files are intact, but it’s always good to try. This is not a problem exclusive to Auslogics File Recovery, but a limitation that all file recovery tools face. As a rule, the sooner you try to recover your files, the better. Also, the fewer new files have been written to the disk where your files were, the better. If you have formatted your disk, note also that only quick formats are recoverable. All of these factors will determine the success of the recovery operation.

As a bonus, this tool comes with a file shredder (to remove any file once and for all) and a disk wiping tool, which effectively removes all data marked as deleted but not physically erased – thus making that data completely irrecoverable.

Auslogics File Recovery makes the recovery process as less stressful as possible. It comes with all the tools and algorithms you need to bring back to life your deleted files and folders, even though – as with any other similar tool, expensive or not – the success of that operation depends on a series of external factors that cannot be avoided.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Supports USB devices, Flash memories, and even camera memory sticks
  • Recovers files from deleted partitions
  • Retrieves data erased during quick formats
  • Includes a file shredder and a disk wiping tool


  • Does not recover data from optical discs
  • Struggles offering a preview of most files
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