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Auslogics File Recovery 8.0

Recover files from hard disk drives, USB drives, SD cards, and other storage
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As you have probably guessed from its name, Auslogics File Recovery can help you rescue accidentally or even intentionally deleted data from your storage device. It is characterized by its support of many types of media, including hard disks, portable devices, and memory cards. Likewise, it can scan all major file systems in search of practically every file type available.

The tool has a straightforward interface, and most of the operations are done with the help of a wizard. So, it is quite improbable that anyone can have problems to use it. Since scanning for lost files usually takes a while and requires a considerable amount of system resources, you may want to get your results as soon as possible. Thus, it is very convenient that the program supports two scanning modes: surface and deep. Additionally, you can use filters, such as file type, modification date and even parts of the file name to reduce the list of results. Moreover, you can tell the program to skip zero-size, temporary and system files. If the surface scan cannot find what you expect, you may also run a deep scan to examine all sectors. However, it is an option you should avoid considering how long it usually takes.

The possibility of previewing files before actually proceeding to their recovery is a great feature as it gives you an idea of how much of its former integrity a particular set of data still retains. Yet, lost files are not always fully recoverable, mostly because of having been overwritten. So, it is also a great solution to use the tool to create a backup image of a given drive, which will allow you to preserve the original data regardless of other operations.

As you can see deleting a file does not guarantee that it cannot be retrieved anymore. That is why Auslogics File Recovery also comes with some features intended to preserve your privacy. In this respect, there is a shredder to delete sensitive data beyond recovery. Likewise, the disk wiper supports cleaning the free space, where some data leftovers can remain.

All in all, Auslogics File Recovery seems to work as expected. Unfortunately, its trial version is severely limited by the number and size of the recoverable files. Finally, I must say that, if you want to save some money, you should probably keep looking because you may find similar software at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Recover all file types
  • Recover from any storage media
  • Two types of scans
  • Preview files to confirm contents
  • All major file systems supported
  • File shredding
  • Permanent disk wiping
  • Free-space wiping
  • Create an image of your disk


  • Uses considerable system resources
  • Trial version is severely limited
  • Cannot preview many file types
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