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Auslogics File Recovery helps you recover deleted files
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Most of the files that you delete from your computer aren't permanently lost. Sometimes accidents happen and you end up deleting a file that you still need. When this happens, a program like Auslogics File Recovery will help you get back the data that you still require.

With Auslogics File Recovery you will be able to retrieve the files and folders that you deleted from your hard disk or any other kind of media storage device. This powerful tool will even help you get back damaged files, thus giving you every possible chance to recover the information that you were looking for.

Auslogics File Recovery offers an easy recovery solution through its wizard like interface. You will be able to determine the drives that you want to scan and the type of files that you are looking for. Furthermore, you can select the type of scanning that you want to use, perform a name based search, or restrict the area of interest by using the last modification date as criteria. What’s even better, the application lets you preview the files that it found, so that you can recover only the ones that you are actually interested in.

A big advantage for Auslogics File Recovery is that it will also help you permanently delete your files and folders. The program can use one of the four available overwriting algorithms, in order to ensure that any information that you want to dispose off is no longer salvageable.

In my opinion, Auslogics File Recovery is a reliable application that will surely help you out. Although it has a small flaw in the fact that it can only scan entire drives and not restrict its search to folders, the program is fast and effective, so it’s definitely worth trying out.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports recovering files from both the hard disk and other media storage devices.
  • Wizard-like interface.
  • Offers a file shredding function to permanently delete data


  • Can scan only drives
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